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Election Day:  May 1, 2021


About Steve

Steve Lecholop is a San Antonio native who has served on the San Antonio ISD school board for the past eight years. During his tenure on the board, Steve has drawn on his experiences as a practicing attorney and former teacher to spearhead transformational board initiatives and drive changes to the status quo that have fundamentally improved the lives of SAISD students. 


Through Steve’s efforts, the SAISD school board has gone from bitterly divided and dispassionate about improving student outcomes to aligned, congenial, and unified in support of improving student achievement.  This change manifested in SAISD becoming one of the first “districts of innovation” in Texas, aggressively entering into partnerships to improve student access to amazing learning opportunities, overhauling the district’s teacher pay and evaluation system, and implementing academic reforms that resulted in SAISD improving its rating from an “F” to a “B” over the last five years.  


Steve currently works as a lawyer, but began his career as a fourth-grade teacher in Baltimore, Maryland through Teach for America.  While working as a teacher, Steve obtained a master’s degree in teaching from Johns Hopkins University.  He also has an undergraduate degree in business from the University of Texas at Austin and a law degree from Southern Methodist University.  


Most importantly, Steve is the proud parent of two daughters (ages 7 and 3), the oldest of whom is a first grader in an SAISD school.

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Why I'm Running

SAISD has made amazing progress over the last eight years.  The district moved from an F rating to a B rating, a record number of our students are excelling academically, and we’ve created a number of new schools and innovative programs to provide students and families with high quality choices.  


I am running for reelection to the SAISD School Board in District 1 to ensure the district maintains this positive momentum and to keep the board focused on student achievement.  Despite the progress, our work is not done!  I know that our kids will never reach their potential and our city’s economy will not flourish unless we provide all our students with a world class education. As our community recovers from COVID-19, stable leadership is critical to ensuring that the changes we’ve implemented are sustainable.


I’m a former teacher, I grew up in San Antonio, and I’m an SAISD parent. During my time in the classroom, I taught students that faced tremendous challenges but succeeded based on hard work, persistence, and creative problem-solving.  As a teacher, I saw first-hand the advantages of policies focused on student achievement.  In my role on the school board, I have continued to apply the same strategies my students used to ensure that SAISD makes student-centered, transparent decisions that will improve academic outcomes for kids.


My wife and I are raising our family in SAISD with the confidence that our daughters will receive an excellent education that will prepare her for college and beyond.  I am committed to working tirelessly every day for kids, to restore excellence in our schools, and to be a thought-leader and coalition-builder who fights for policies to positively impact the lives of SAISD students. I will continue listening to your priorities, and I am committed to putting kids first in every decision that the board makes.


I would be honored to have your continued support!


Steve Lecholop


Priorities for Education

Over the last five years, SAISD has improved from an F-rated school district to a B-rated school district and was recognized as the fastest improving district in the state!  Here’s how we did it and what I will continue fighting for to help SAISD become an A+ district:



What we have done:


  • SAISD has prioritized the health and safety of students and staff and has partnered with Metro Health to ensure our schools are safe for students and staff to return.

  • SAISD partnered with Community Labs to provide weekly COVID-19 testing at every school in the district.

  • SAISD successfully advocated for and received over 7,000 COVID-19 vaccines so that all teacher and staff members have access to the vaccine by mid-April


What I will continue to do:


  • I will ensure that students and staff can safely return to 100% in-person schooling for the 2021-2022 school year, in accordance with Metro Health guidance.

  • I commit that families will continue to have a choice for their children to continue with remote learning if they are not comfortable returning to in-person school.  

  • I will prioritize increasing the availability of mental health services for students as they return to school from COVID-19 shutdowns.



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